You must have already heard about nature’s miracle seed oil known as the black seed oil. 

Organic black seed oil, derived from the flowering plant Nigella sativa is a popular herbal medicine used worldwide. It belongs to the family of Ranunculaceae, native to southern Europe, North Africa and Southwest Asia and is known to cure several ailments.

Scientists have studied the plant in the last three decades and among their several findings, black seed oil was recorded to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities in the gastrointestinal system. Thus, the plant oil is a good natural remedy for treating stomach-related ailments.

Let’s have a look at how you can use black seed oil to cure tummy issues:

Black Seed Oil To Cure Tummy Issues:


1. Cure indigestion, flatulence, & heartburn

A drink made with a half teaspoon of black seed oil and a teaspoon of ginger juice can cure indigestion, flatulence, & heartburn. For best results, drink the mixture twice a day.

Also, as per WebMD, taking black seed oil or a product containing black seed oil with honey and water may reduce symptoms of indigestion.

2. Treat stomach ulcers

Studies found that stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori (H pylori infection) may be treated by consuming a certain dose of crushed black seed along with the drug omeprazole. It might help to get rid of a certain bacterium (H. pylori) in the stomach responsible for causing stomach ulcers. 

To treat gastric ulcers, boil a teaspoon of black seed oil and the solution (made using 1 spoon of flaxseed soaked in a cup of water) for two minutes. Simmer it down and drink twice daily. Stay away from sweets and citrus food as far as possible. 

Or you can also treat gastric ulcers by mixing 10 drops of black seed oil in a cup of honey and taking 1 spoon of the mixture. Follow it by drinking a cup of milk. Continue the treatment for two months.

3. Metabolic disorder

Early research reveals that consuming a specific black seed oil product twice daily for 6 weeks may decrease cholesterol level, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, and blood sugar levels in people with metabolic syndrome.

The Journal of Endocrinology and Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology provides strong evidence that black seed oil can be a therapeutic tool in the fight to restore normalcy in metabolic syndrome.

4. Ease symptoms related to opioid withdrawal

A study brought to light that taking black seed extract three times daily for 12 days might decrease symptoms of opioid withdrawal in patients.

5. Control hyperacidity

Suffering from hyperacidity? Take a tablespoon of black seed oil and mix it with a cup of milk. Drink it twice daily for 5 days. 

6. Treat nausea and vomiting

Here is an easy remedy for the days when nausea and vomiting hit you. Black seed oil and vinegar mixture can save your day. Take 8 drops of black seed oil and mix it with a few drops of vinegar. Add some sugar to improve the taste.  Lick the solution to ward off nausea.

Or mix half a teaspoon each of black seed oil and ginger juice and drink it twice daily. 

7. Ward off abdominal pain

To take care of stomach pain, rub black seed oil under your ribs accompanied by drinking a mixture of a spoon of the oil in a cup of milk. Drink thrice a day.

8. Treat constipation

Mix 10 drops of black seed oil with 1 teaspoon of castor oil in a cup of lukewarm milk and drink the mixture to treat constipation.  

9. Cure diarrhea

Suffering from diarrhea? Mix 1 tablespoon of black seed oil with a cup of yogurt and drink it twice a day. Continue the treatment for 3 days.

10. Strengthen your stomach

Have a weak stomach? Take a cup of apple juice; add a pinch of black pepper, salt, cumin, and 5 drops of black seed oil and drink. 

11. Treat distension of the stomach

Does your stomach feel swollen or tight? Make a mixture with 4 drops of black seed oil, 3g Ajwain seeds, and 3g fenugreek seeds and drink it before breakfast and dinner. 

12. Cure piles/hemorrhoids

To treat piles/hemorrhoids, take black seed oil and olive oil in equal amounts and mix them. Take 1 tablespoon thrice a day for ten days. Follow up the treatment by applying a blend of half teaspoon of black seed oil and a teaspoon of vinegar to the pile. 

Alternately, take 50g henna leaf powder and 250g olive oil and boil them for 5 minutes. Add 3 drops of black seed oil to the mixture and apply it to the affected area with cotton. Follow up by eating 4 to 5 figs with half a spoon of black seed oil.  

13. Treat worm infestations

Mix a half teaspoon each of black seed oil and vinegar and drink twice a day. Eat coconut pieces during the time of treatment and avoid sugar. Continue the treatment for 10 days.  


These were some of the ways you can use black seed oil to cure tummy issues.

As you can see the organic black seed oil benefits related to the tummy are many and they are backed by research. Though they are not meant to be a replacement for medical prescriptions, using it as an herbal medicine at home can be extremely beneficial, especially if your case is not serious.

The black seed oil has zero to minimal side-effects risk. You can also eat black seeds. It has an earthy flavor and tastes like cumin or turmeric.

Make sure to buy black seeds which are grown organically or black seed oil that is cold-pressed out of organic seeds to enjoy maximum benefits. It is available in many stores reputed online like Amazon.   

Are you facing any of the above-mentioned tummy issues? If yes, then it\’s simple – don\’t delegate, use black seed oil to cure tummy issues today!