As advocates of wellness through nature, we might as well begin rolling out our blog with some conversation on natural living. Well, it is quite the hype out there now, isn’t it? Not to mention a crowd going crazy about a new diet every week, a new skincare routine every other week and a new lifestyle every month.

But we believe in consistency. Consistency comes from faith and willpower.  Consistency is the real deal that will make some change in your life if you are choosing natural living.

Oh, by the way, what is natural living?

Yes, you’re close. It’s not that difficult. That is how our ancestors used to live and they did quite well by themselves. Oh, no, we are not talking about hunting, animal-skin clothes, spears or even any ‘age’ in the history of human race. Living with our needs met by things sourced from nature is one way to describe natural living.

To be clearer, that includes eating clean, organic food, resorting to herbal and natural remedies for wellness, using organic and herbal personal care and cleaning products, and blatantly saying no to our industrial-sized consumerist desire to spend on processed food, chemical-laden products and resorting to medicines that are in the process of creating more chaos in your body while alleviating simple ailments.

It is normal to feel skeptical.

Is it really possible to live that clean in today’s world? We all die anyway. What’s the point of natural living then?

Quite a lot of point. For starters, ‘when you die anyway’, you could be contributing to polluting the Earth after burial. Okay, that was crass, too. But let’s tell you just six reasons to choose natural living.

Just six! And you can begin slowly.

  1. Because Inorganic = Self-Destruction

Going Organic is the new revolution out there. It is not a made-up story, though. Organic has only merits. The price you are reluctant to pay for an organic product – be it food, healthcare, skincare or household product – you are ending up paying at a healthcare facility. It is a sorry way to spend money after all. When you choose organic products, you are saving yourself from hordes of toxins in the form of pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, hazardous chemicals, carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) and hormone-disruptors. That’s quite a lot of self-destruction you are avoiding.

  2. Because GMO = Unwanted Changes

GMO almost sounds like UFO. The term ‘Genetically Modified Organism’ can be easily identified. What you probably didn’t bother to notice yet is that a lot of the food you are eating and a bunch of medications you are using are products that include ‘GMO’. Genetically Modified DNA is used to bring more production of crop yields, increase dairy and meat production and what not. Everything around you has some DNA modified. So when products flaunt the label ‘Non-GMO’, they are telling you that they don’t sell things that have undergone a change in their DNA.

P.S. Do you know what happens when certain changes happen in our DNA or Genetic material? Most often, cancer happens.

  3. Because Conventional Medicines & Supplements = Side Effects & Toxicity

It is not so rare anymore. Liver damage, Kidney failure and the likes from chronic use of painkillers and other conventional drugs is becoming everyday talk. These are our vital organs that we’re talking about! And let’s not forget how appalling the supposedly life-saving chemotherapy drugs work at the cost of our wellness.

There are almost no drug out there, prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter ones, with zero side effects. All effective ones pose acute or chronic side effects. Some are skilled at making themselves indispensable in the long run by developing dependency.

How often do you poison yourself, is the question on the sidewalk.

  4. Because Chemical Personal Care = Polluting Body and Environment

Your body, pampered with all those department store products, is no different than the Planet Earth, polluted with non-biodegradable wastes and chemical sewage. Your bottle of moisturizing lotion, deodorant, soap and shampoo has an ample amount of chemicals that go out to the soil and stay intact. And whatever you use on your skin, the preservatives and other solvents in them are readily absorbed into your bloodstream, if not the ‘nutrients’ in those applications. This wreaks havoc in your endocrine system and immune system.

The rise in infertility and endocrine disorders won’t come as a surprise when you know that your sensitive glands are being smothered by these chemical ingredients in your personal care products. Perhaps, you have been taking the easy way out – just towards self-elimination.

  5. Because Refined & Processed = Compromised Nutrition

Nutrition is supposed to be balanced and complete. It is what keeps your body renewed, rebuilt and ready to live every day. Proper nutrition keeps your immunity intact, wards off diseases, prevents deficiencies and promotes healing from within.

The current state of affairs is such that nutrition is just about settling the hunger pangs and pumping in some fortified nutrients into your system. It is convenient to rip of pre-packed, processed food, heat, reheat and eat. The refined flours and fats are doing you no good either. Refining rips off all the good stuffs in the natural foods like flours and oils. They turn into empty carbs and bad fats. Processing is multi-national process of adding and subtracting things from food. Added sugars, preservatives, colours, taste enhancers and even vitamins and minerals and subtracted natural fibers, natural oils, enzymes and water content.

Next time you pick a can from the grocery aisle, eye the label to know what you are actually paying for.

  6. Because Longer Shelf Life = Shorter Life

Without preservatives, the whole world of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food companies would crash down. Only luxury lines would survive and only the wealthy can afford any of it.

It sounds like a disaster. That is how preservatives have grown into us. Harmful chemicals whose effects on our health have been verified in laboratories are used without an ounce of care in cosmetic products and food products. Every package of food or cosmetic you pick from the aisle that has an attractively late expiry date will stay in your shelf for a long time.

The longer the shelf life, the better the preservative. The catch is that the harmful preservatives out there are also the cheapest, so it is easier to cut production costs for manufacturers rather than care about the customer’s health.

Can they be blamed? No, the choice is yours. So, when you are excited about stocking up your cupboards with what would last you longer, it would also be wise to consider what you can do to last longer. For all you know, you could be speeding up your journey.

To Wind Up

Hope you enjoyed this little talk on why you would want to go green, go organic and go natural with everyday living.

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Breathe more! Sigh less!


Naturments Wellness Team