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    Organic Oil of Oregano

    • POTENTIZE YOUR DAILY DRINKS: Achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle when you transform your favorite beverages into an antioxidant-rich,  immune-boosting drink using our all-natural, concentrated Oregano Oil supplement formulated to let you enjoy all the benefits of the powerful active compound of Carvacrol sourced from organic wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil.
    • EMPOWER FROM WITHIN: Whether you need a natural boost for your immunity or some antioxidant support,  you can always add a few drops of Oregano Oil to your drink of choice to enjoy a safe, effective and natural immune-booster and antioxidant-rich supplement. Oregano Oil helps to heal and empower from within.
    • KEEP YOUR GUT HAPPY: Good health always starts from within. Keep your gut healthy with Oregano oil, an all-natural supplement packed with powerful antioxidants that act in anti-inflammatory ways to keep your digestive system healthy, reduce bloating, regulate acidity and protect the stomach and intestines.
    • SAY GOODBYE TO RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: Respiratory troubles are things of the past, thanks to Mother Nature for Oregano Oil. A natural anti-inflammatory agent, Oregano Oil  supports immune health, providing inflammatory support and preventing susceptibility to respiratory problems.
    • EASY-TO-TAKE FORMULA: For quick and easy results, add 6 drops of Oregano Oil to your water or beverage of choice and mix; our all-natural herbal supplement is carefully formulated with 34mg of pure Oregano oil  derived from natural WILD OREGANO leaves, sporting over 60% Carvacrol for extra-strength.
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