The elegant-looking Nigella sativa flowers with a mysterious air and the tiny black seeds with intricate microscopic textures have been around in use for centuries for their myriad health benefits and curative properties. Nigella sativa is an annual herb indigenous to the Mediterranean region and has been cultivated in the Middle East, North Africa and some parts of Asia. The blessed seed from the Nigella sativa flower is known by a lot of names like Black Cumin, Black Caraway, Kalonji, Gizhah, Haba’ Al-Barakah, Schwarzkummel to begin with.

This tiny seed has been in the kitchen cupboard and culinary literature for decades. But the medicinal use of the seed has been pretty much confined to the traditional systems and rural populations who use locally available herbs and natural remedies for their health problems.

The importance of Black Seeds and Black Seed Oil dates back centuries. The benefits of Nigella sativa seeds are surprisingly high with respect to the tiny size of the seed. Black Seeds are also an important part of the traditional Prophetic Medicine.

According to Hadith reports, Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said that Black Seed has “the cure for everything except death.” Recent researches substantiate the statement miraculously.

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