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Our Story

The thing about dreamers is that they are relentless. They don’t give up. Their journey is a quest propelled by the need for perfection. And perfection – it doesn’t come easy.

You are here right now because you are an unrelenting dreamer, have made this journey, sought perfection and wanted it to be a part of your life. You have focused on finding solutions rather than wallowing in your problems. You have taken charge and charged forward, despite the numerous obstacles in your path.

But sometimes, a dead end, a cul-de-sac, is unavoidable. At times, our passionate voyage would hit a stone wall. We know, because we have been there, too. We have known the rocks and rock-bottoms before seeing the sky. But we share it with you – we didn’t give up either.

Every story has its phases, plots, conflicts and resolutions, but beneath it all, a fiery passion to be true to oneself. If you are still with us, this story is for you.

The Passion

When we dream, our passion meets clarity. We were looking for a remedy, to state it simply. The earthiest remedy to combat all setbacks and restore our body and mind to optimum health. We were chronically fatigued from conventions and yearned for something absolutely natural and complete in itself.

We empathize with you, laud your journey and admire your spirit. We also understand your disillusionment after chasing a lot of probable solutions. But you reached this far, thanks to the passion we both share.

Our quest led us back to nature. Ever since, that has been our passion – going back to nature, time and again, whenever we hit a stone wall.

The Inception

Dire need is the mother of discovery. We realized this as we got restless and sought after an elixir for optimum health. All we needed was a little less pain, a little less suffering from the things that were supposed to help us. We know you are still with us, for your journey hasn’t been any different.

This is how we explored nature and cultures and found out about our first product. An all-rounder and one of the only two natural sources of a finely performing active ingredient called Thymoquinone, we fell in love with Black Seed Oil in its purest, rawest form. And thus, began the journey of Naturments!

We were passionate about healing, mending and restoring the mind and body and that was the beginning of a revolution in healthcare.

The Climb Uphill

It’s never easy – the climb uphill. It’s tedious. But we are propelled by our quest, the reward of reaching the destination. We know the hardships well. We know what you went through to finally reach here, too. Which is why we will not disappoint you.

At Naturments, we have curated the best for the rest of your journey to a better life, through natural living and optimum wellness. We have put together years of scientific research, personal experiences and decades of traditions into creating natural supplements with multifaceted actions and fine-tuned to bring about lasting changes to your health concerns.

When we reached the acme of self-discovery, the realization came about.

The Realization

It was enough to have one solution. This dawned upon us quite hard. We chase many possible solutions to our problems, and often end up with none. We know you have done it, too.

Stop. Breathe. Let it out.

Believe in yourself.

You are enough. You don’t need to be fixed. You don’t need to change.

You don’t need to destroy yourself for something that can be healed without so much as a scrape on your vitality.

You just need a little help. A gentle push from the inside towards healing. Towards a better life, a better you, a better tomorrow.

The Responsibility

A journey doesn’t end when you reach your destination. It’s just the beginning. When something as precious and essential as the secret to a better life is discovered, it becomes our responsibility to share it. It is upon us to enlighten the world about it and to propagate it to the ones in need of it.

Ever since we reached our destination and discovered our Holy Grail of Optimum Wellness, we have believed that it’s our duty to humanity to share our knowledge, experience and expertise with people like you.

Your wellness is your nature and the truth of your life.

And we believe in it.

The Solution

Every concern leads to a quest and every quest to myriad solutions. The wisdom is in choosing the right one. This is where most of us falter. This is where we all need help.But fret not. We know the loneliness in these journeys. The company you crave for, the heart you want to confide in, the ears you wish listened to you.

We are that safe space you are seeking. Naturments finds happiness in helping you get there. Our sincerity resides in the raw natural potions bottled in the purest form from nature. Our gratification lies in your smile. And our triumph in your peace.

This story is not in vain. We have changed many lives and continue to do so. We hope to bring the better future to you early.

All you need to do is believe in yourself. We did and today, we smile and win smiles. You can, too!

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