In an era when we are battling countless diseases for some of which there is no cure, keeping your immune system strong should be your top concern.

There are many chemical industrial products out there that claim to boost your immune system. But don’t you feel the intake of so many chemicals will negatively affect your body in the long run?

More and more health-conscious people are turning to organic herbal remedies for immune support. Herbal immune system support that is trending in the market today is Black Seed Oil.

The organic black seed oil goes by many names, depending on where you live.

It is considered a superfood that can help you with plenty of things.

In this article, let’s find out what black seed oil really is and how it can boost your immunity.

What is black seed oil?

Black seed oil is oil derived from the seeds of an annual herb Nigella Sativa belonging to the Ranunculaceae family. The plant grows about 30 to 60 cm high and is usually extracted using the cold press extraction method.

Black Seed Oil Boost Immunity

Black seed is not unknown to the world. In fact, it has been traditionally used in culinary and medicine for centuries. 

In the Ist Century BC, Discoroides an Unani Physician and Botanist described black seed as having therapeutic benefits in his book. 

Also, it has been used traditionally in Middle Eastern folk medicine to treat several diseases for more than 2000 years ago.

Components in black seed oil

One of the most active constituents in Nigella sativa is Thymoquinone (TQ) and it has different beneficial properties.  

It is also rich in essential fatty acids including Linoleic acid which the human body cannot produce and has to be obtained from food. You will also find minerals like calcium, sodium, iron, and potassium that are essential for the human body.

Many studies have been conducted to test the efficacy of black seed oil against several diseases. It has been found that it is also effective against different microorganisms. It has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties among others that can help to boost your immune system.


How can black seed oil boost your immunity?


Many studies have been conducted that point out that black seed oil has properties that can regulate the immune system. Researchers have seen a positive effect on different conditions caused by deficiencies of the immune system. 

Let’s have a look at some of the studies.

1. Study to compare the effect of Nigella Sativa oil and fish oil on vitiligo lesions

In a study conducted by the dermatology clinic of the Imam Khomeini Hospital Ahvaz, Iran, to compare the effect of black seed oil and fish oil, 52 patients suffering from the auto-immune disease Vitiligo were divided into two groups and assessed. 

One group was treated with black seed oil while the other with fish oil.

The recovery rate was accessed by the Vitiligo Area Scoring Index (VASI) after 6 months.

After 6 months, the VASI mean score was reduced from 4.98 to 3.75 in patients who were treated with black seed oil. In patients who were treated with fish oil, the score reduced from 4.98 to 4.62 only. 

Thus, it was concluded that black seed oil was more effective than fish oil in treating vitiligo lesions.

2. Study to assess the efficacy of black seed oil in treating celiac disease

In a study to assess the effectiveness of black seed oil in treating patients with iron deficiency anemia caused by refractory Celiac disease, a group of patients were treated with black seed oil capsule (450 mg) 2 times daily along with a gluten-free diet for 12 months. The other group was given only a gluten-free diet.

The patients who were treated with black seed oil and a gluten-free diet saw visible improvement in the duodenal histology recovery. There was an improvement in the immunological and hematological indices as well.

3. Efficacy of back seed oil in treating inflammatory condition Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is an inflammatory response of the nasal mucosa to natural allergens. In a study to assess the efficacy of black seeds and montelukast in treating allergic rhinitis, one group of patients were treated with montelukast (10mg/day) and while the other with black seeds (250mg/day) for over 2 weeks.

Both treatments resulted in the visible improvement of ophthalmic and daytime symptoms. But those treated with black seeds saw better results when it comes to easing the night-time symptoms.

Yet in a different study, when allergic rhinitis patients were treated with nasal drops of black seed oil, they saw improvement in the symptoms and they were able to endure exposure to allergens more. In the study, patients were treated with 2 drops of black seed oil (one in each nostril) thrice daily, for 6 weeks.

4. Consume black seed oil to strengthen your immune system

Note that a defective immune system is reflected both in your internal organs as well as the skin. Immune dysfunction can result in skin problems like acne breakouts, psoriasis, and so on. 

Consuming black seed oil daily which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids can help to strengthen your immune system and help you recover from all sorts of diseases and skin problems quickly. You can also apply it to affected areas.

Moreover, since black seed oil is effective against different microorganisms, it can protect you from different viral diseases and common colds.

The black seed oil also contains many anti-oxidative and disinfectant properties. Thus, it will help you fight against allergies and respiratory or fungal infections. In fact, it has been found to effectively treat patients with asthma.

It is recommended to take 100% organic cold-pressed black seed oil daily to lead a robust lifestyle. 

How to take black seed oil?

  • Adults can take a teaspoon of black seed oil 15 minutes before breakfast daily.
  • You can also consume black seed oil mixed with honey.


So, these were some of the studies that tell you how black seed oil helps you boost your immunity. The best part is that this magic ingredient is not linked to any serious side effects (Studies).

However, it’s better to purchase 100% organic black seed oil from a legitimate source for the best quality supplement.

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