Black seed, a plant, that many people use as a natural cure for treating several ailments and in the culinary for over 2000 years, is now available in the form of oil.

You may know it by a different name in the region where you live.

The black seed oil has several other names including:

  • black caraway
  • black cumin
  • kalonji
  • black onion seed

Many researchers have taken interest in this miracle cure of late. According to several instances, oil can even treat many diseases and skin issues. It is also popular to support weight loss. Moreover, the best part is it is non-toxic and has negligible side-effects.

No wonder, industries such as the pharmaceutical, skincare, health food, and soap industry is using organic cold-pressed black seed oil on a large scale.

But it is often confusing to the general public as to how much of black seed oil is actually good for their health. That\’s why we wrote this article.

It will inform you about how much black seed oil you should take depending on your type of ailment. Moreover, it is based on research findings.

Black Seed Oil Dosage


1. For asthmatic patients

In a study that investigated the benefits of Nigella Sativa oil supplementation on 80 asthmatics, it was found that providing

500 mg of black seed oil capsules twice daily for 4 weeks to patients with asthma improves the asthmatic condition. Moreover, the capsules enhanced the pulmonary function and normalized blood eosinophilia.

2. For diabetic patients

As per a study, the intake of 1 gram of black seed powder twice daily for up to 12 months has improved the health of patients with diabetes. Also, taking 450 mg of black seed oil thrice daily for 12 weeks has shown to improve diabetic health.

In a clinical study where patients received 2.5 mg of the miracle drug Nigella Sativa oil twice daily, along with 500 mg metformin twice a day and10 mg of atorvastatin per day, for 6 weeks, there was a significant improvement in insulin resistance in the patients against standard therapy.

3. For obesity


In a study where obese men were provided 1.5g Nigella Sativa seeds twice daily for three months, it was found that the superfood eradicated complaints such as ache, weakness, laziness, arthralgia, forgetfulness, insomnia, low libido, high appetite, etc. After this, you could witness a significant reduction in the patients’ body weight.

4. For patients with high cholesterol level

A study revealed that supplying 2.5mL of Nigella Sativa oil for six weeks to diabetic patients improved the hypoglycemic and cholesterol-reducing properties of the normal anti-diabetic therapy.

5. For children with epilepsy

In a study where children with epilepsy were treated with 0.5mg/kg thymoquinone twice per day (1mg/kg daily) as a syrup for four weeks, it significantly reduced seizure frequency.

6. For rheumatoid arthritis patients

A study found out that providing 1g (two doses of 500mg) black seed oil per day to females with rheumatoid arthritis for one month led to a 9% reduction in symptoms. Issues such as morning stiffness, joint pain, and joint swelling also saw a significant reduction in patients.

7. For patients with low red blood cell and white blood cell count

It was revealed in a study of unmedicated persons with hepatitis C that supplying 450mg of the black seed oil thrice per day for three months significantly reduces liver HCV RNA content by up to 38%. You could also see major improvements in the majority of serum parameters of blood and protein metabolism.

8. For patients with high blood pressure

Providing 0.5-2 grams of black powder daily for up to 12 weeks lowered the blood pressure of patients as per a study.

Also, upon consuming 00-200 mg or 2.5 mL of black seed oil twice daily for 8 weeks, patients saw a considerable decrease in blood pressure.

Yet in another study where 70 healthy adults were served 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 mL) of black seed oil twice daily for 8 weeks, it was seen that the patients’ blood pressure levels decreased significantly, compared with a placebo

9. For male infertility

A study conducted in males with conditions that prevented them from impregnating a woman within a year, it was found that intake of 2.5 mL of Nigella Sativa oil twice daily for 2 months showed positive results. The study suggests that sperm count, motility and morphology and semen volume, pH, and round cells get better in infertile men after taking black seed oil for two months without any adverse effects.

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10. For breast pain in women (mastalgia)

Positive results were seen when a gel that contained 30% black seed cumin oil was applied to breasts daily for two menstrual cycles in women with mastalgia as per researchers.

11. For brain health

In a study where 40 healthy older adults were provided 500 mg of Nigella Sativa capsules twice daily for 9 weeks, significant improvements were seen in measures of memory, attention, and cognition.

12. For patients with metabolic syndrome

In a clinical trial, 250 healthy males who tested positive for metabolic syndrome were served either .5g black seeds daily, 2.4g turmeric per day and its combination (900mg black seeds and 1.5g turmeric per day) to test the effectiveness of Nigella Sativa seeds and turmeric alone and its combination in lower doses among patients with metabolic syndrome

The study concluded that turmeric and black seeds combination was effective in improving all parameters of metabolic syndrome. Companies co-administer individual herbs at 60% of doses, which showed negligible side-effects.


Black seed oil, rightly termed as the miracle cure is beneficial for your health if you take the right dosage.

Are you suffering from any of the ailments mentioned above? Nigella Sativa oil can be your answer. Many are switching to products with natural ingredients as they are non-toxic and have negligible adverse effects. Why not you?

If you decide to try it today, ensure that you go for 100% organic, USDA approved, and cold-pressed black seed oil. There is an added advantage for opting cold-pressed black seed oil as it comes from the best extraction process to derive the highest-quality oil.

Furthermore, make sure to buy the oil from a very reputed source only to achieve the best results.

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