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Buy Organic Black Seed Oil Premium 8oz- USDA Certified – 100% Pure Black Cumin Seed Oil Cold Pressed for Potency Non-GMO Vegan Gluten Free Cruelty Free Nigella Sativa Oil

$55.00 $44.99

  • 100% USDA Certified
  • Cold-pressed from non-GMO seeds
  • Safe for internal use as a dietary supplement
  • Free of hexane and preservatives
  • No added colors or flavors
  • Vegan, kosher, & halal
  • Non-drip pour spout for easy dispensing
  • Dark glass bottle to preserve freshness


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Buy Black Seed Oil Online – Naturments

Naturments Black Seed Oil brings you the renowned health benefits of black cumin seed in a distinctly pure and effective form. Cold pressed to draw out the most potency, our organic black seed oil is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, proteins, and vitamins as well as Nigellone and Thymoquinone, compounds thought to be responsible for its therapeutic properties.

  • 🌿 100% Certified Organic: This extra-virgin black cumin seed oil is certified organic — a testament to its purity. You’ll also love that it’s non-GMO, vegan, kosher, halal, and gluten & preservative free.
  • 🌿 Cold-Pressed for Potency: Concerned about your weight, skin, hair, or nails? Our cold-pressed black seed oil is rich in Thymoquinone, B1, B2, B3, & antioxidants to ease temporary symptoms.
  • 💪 Immune System Support: When taken with honey and warm water, this high-grade Nigella Sativa oil may help in maintaining a strong, healthy immune system and support healthy digestive functions.
  • Elegant, Stay-Fresh Glass Bottle: The leak-proof black seed oil bottle is specially designed to shield the product inside from UV damage. It helps maintain the oil’s freshness & potency for longer.
  • Certified organic by the USDA, our premium-grade black seed cumin oil is cold pressed to preserve the seeds’ powerful nutritional and therapeutic properties.
  • Herbalists, naturopaths, and others praise pure black seed oil.
  • According to their experiences, black seed cumin oil (also referred to as Nigella Sativa oil) may contribute to healthy hair, skin, nails, weight, and more.
  • Your Naturments black seed oil is purely extracted from organic & comes in a light-blocking glass bottle designed to extend the product’s shelf life on potency.
  • Your online purchase includes our complimentary e-booklet, “The Miraculous Seed” Read all about how you can use pure black seed oil at home to support your healthy metabolism, weight, hair and nails, and aid in your overall wellness.*
  • *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Additional information

🌿 Cold-Pressed for Potency

Boost your Immunity, Joints, Digestion, Hair & Skin

103 reviews for Buy Organic Black Seed Oil Premium 8oz- USDA Certified – 100% Pure Black Cumin Seed Oil Cold Pressed for Potency Non-GMO Vegan Gluten Free Cruelty Free Nigella Sativa Oil

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    Barbara A. Cristao

    Exceptional product

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    Carroll L Peyton


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    Kindle Customer

    It also tastes great with grape juice.

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    Amazon Customer

    Thank you

  5. 5

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    Amazon Customer

    Great service. Will consider again when reordering.

  6. 5

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    Sue P.

    Awesome product. Great packaging

  7. 5

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    Good stuff

  8. 5

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    my reality

    Arrived in timely fashion, will update when used.

  9. 5

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    hyman brown

    Excellent service

  10. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Betty Waggoner

    Quick delivery!

  11. 5

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    Item as described, received by estimated delivery date. Thanks!

  12. 5

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    Excellent product and great transaction

  13. 5

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    Awsome, plus packaged well

  14. 5

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    L. Garrett

    Great product. The container that the product is in was smashed. The product bottle was ok, but they should find a better way than a bubble envelope.

  15. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Roberta Protzman

    Never a problem with seller. Been using this product for sometime and love. Ignore comments on taste, you grow use to it. My only complaint is price. On fixed income, budget needed tweaking but consider this a necessity.

  16. 5

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    Duncan Angami

    Excellent product, I am a return customer

  17. 5

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    Camecia Bethel

    It was very good

  18. 5

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    Charece Newell

    Love love the packaging of product! Great seller!

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    Taste Great!

    Smooth clean taste. Large size Bottle

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    Premium Dietary Supplement

    I was curious about this Label – premium dietary suppLement – on a bottLe of cold-pressed oiL – weLL, yes certified organic. non-GMO and aLL that great stuff as welL. But then I checked the suppLements fact on the boule – and reaLized – why not? Because it was so rich in good stuffs The high omega fatty acids made me wonder why people struggLed with fish oiLs. This is quite a reformation! I take haLf a teaspoon with honey and warm water twice daily – has heLped with my immunity – I know because my hay fever is quite decent these days.

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    The Best Black Seed Oil on Amazon – Will Change your Life

    This is the best black seed oil on Amazon. The taste, texture and density of the oil supplement is perfect. It ís smooth without any after taste. I just love it. I was immensely happy that Naturments used an ALL-GLASS Bottle which better preserves the oil supplement. The design, packaging and attention to details of this product is just perfect. Love it!
    If you haven’t used black seed oil before, you should because it will change your life. The benefits are endless. It ís like a natural miracLe supplement that prevents so much disease, boosts energy, metabolism, better skin, hair and overall well being. All of this is backed by sound research.
    I rarely leave feedback for products, but I’m so impressed by Naturments Black Seed Oil that I took the time to post this review and the attached video.

    ***** What an amazing Black Seed Oil

  22. 5

    (103 Previews)



    Love Love LOVE this black seed oil! I saw a deal on my Facebook page and decided I would give it a try. I was running out of my last bottLe and needed to re-up and BOY AM I HAPPY I DID! Affordable AND of an EXCELLENT quality!
    Only problem now is that I saw a better offer far the same ail with the same Naturments seller but whenever I click & get offer from Facebook has a pop up that says Facebook has stopped unfortunately and I am unable to purchase more. Someone PLEASE look into this! I still gave a 5-star rating bc the product deserves it and it arrived in a speedy manner.

  23. 5

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    angela wells

    I’m on the last dose for this bottle today. I like the product I am noticing a difference in my energy I think if your new to taking black seed you need to take 1 teaspoon for a week and then 2 teaspoons daily but I can’t wait to get the other bottle I ordered to start on faithfully and I will post on that sellers page. Overall great experience with this seller

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    This is the best black seed oil out there.

    It is palatable and has a smooth, rich taste. I usually take it twice a day. A spoonful in the morning followed by a little raw honey and/or
    something warm to drink, and another spoonful in the evening before dinner. One bottle lasts about a month with regular use.
    Ordering is super easy and it ships fast. I have recommended Naturments black seed oil to my family and friends as well as others who are aware of the many benefits of the oil of this blessed seed. It also makes for an awesome gift idea! The packaging is secure and it comes in a good-sized dark glass bottle with a very pretty label. I will be ordering it again and again!

  25. 5

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    On The Fly

    It is always a positive purchasing experience to conduct business with this “FIRST CLASS” company. No stone is unturned! They sell a SUPERIOR QUALITY product! The packaging is just simply EXQUISITE!

    On The Fly

  26. 5

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    Amazon Customer

    A pleasure working with this seller.

    I love this brand of black seed oil and was ECSTATIC with the price. I bought FIVE BOTTLES of oil for the price of ONE bottle of oil from a rival seller. DEFINITELY a steal

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    Like most people

    Like most people, I found some Literature on black seed oil and the raving benefits it has on us. After doing some research on which product to buy. I came across this particular bottle and decided to try it out. I must say, the bottle and container were nice but aside from the asthetics, I dont know how people can tolerate the taste by gulping a tea spoon of oil by itself but kudos to you guys. Iím going to suck it up and drink it up and update this review after about a month.

  28. 5

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    Abdul Rahoof

    My HG Black Seed Oil

    I am a user of natural oils for my skin and my latest experiments have been with black seed oil I ordered for this product by Naturments seeing that it was sold as a Premium Dietary Supplement and had all the qualities a pure oil should have written on the label. Although that was not the logic I used to order it for skincare. If it was good enough to ingest, it would be the best for skincare as well. When I finally got the product a few days after ordering, I was totally sold on the packaging! Loved it, Naturments! Coming to the quality of black seed oil – I was happy to find that it was unfiltered and the pure black seed oil smell and colour made me happy. What made me happier is that I have finally found my HG Black Seed Oil It is helping me with my acne and a little goes a looooong way!

  29. 5

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    LG in PA

    Taste Great

    Smooth cLean taste. Large size BottLe

  30. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Deborah Foster

    I am very pleased with this brand of black seed oil it arrived on time I will order this again. I would love to have a bigger bottle thanks again for the quality

  31. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Mike Lindsey

    Good experience

  32. 5

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    Felt increase in my energy level and supports my immune system

    Really good quality and helped me a lot in increasing my energy and supporting my immune system.I like it so much and highly recommend

  33. 5

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    This black seed oil has helped me bust stress and relax after a long day’s work. I spent hours in front of the computer at my office. Often, I have had to try hard to get a good night’s rest. Then somewhere I read about the ability of black seed oil to relax you and give you great rest at night I take half a teaspoon of Naturments Black Seed oil and stir it in a cup of hot herbal tea and sip it up as I sit back and stretch my legs. This truly helps!

  34. 5

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    Robert Marks

    Very pleased with the purchase

  35. 5

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    Awesome product!

  36. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Lourdes Parris

    I took 1 tble as directed and two hours later, I was in the bathroom evacuating my system of toxins. It felt great getting rid of waste so quickly. The taste is not too bad. This is the first time I have tried this product and will continue to use it, as long as it continues to work for me.

  37. 5

    (103 Previews)

    rodney c. guishard

    The product is excellent.

    I ingest the product undiluted, directly from the bottle. It has a pleasing aroma and taste. The product is obviously well packaged and prepared with care. My main concern is cost. I have not tried less expensive alternatives but may have to try them. While the packaging is superb one can’t help but hope that it is not a significant contributor to cost. Thanks

  38. 5

    (103 Previews)



  39. 5

    (103 Previews)


    Good black seed oil

    Good black seed oil I have more energy and have felt better

  40. 5

    (103 Previews)


    Product arrived as scheduled.
    Packaging was top notch and very secure. I am very pleased.

  41. 5

    (103 Previews)

    On The Fly

    Please accept my sincere appreciation for such a SUPERIOR PRODUCT! Tears of joy are streaming from my eyes! Please know that you are not just selling a product each day; you are saving the lives of people like me. Please convey to the owner that I am extremely happy with my product.

    Deborah D. Brown

  42. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Melba A. Harris

    My first time ever using Cumin Black Seed Oil. I started taking the oil the very next day and immediately felt energized the entire day! I have 10 more days before I’ll be able to see/experience its full effects ! (Based on it takes a full 21 Days to see any improvements)

  43. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Melba A. Harris

    My first time ever using Cumin Black Seed Oil. I started taking the oil the very next day and immediately felt energized the entire day! I have 10 more days before I’ll be able to see/experience its full effects ! (Based on it takes a full 21 Days to see any improvements)

  44. 5

    (103 Previews)

    JZ Lewis

    Will continue to take this as my research shows it is very good for the body. Is easy to shallow with a unique but not overwhelming taste.

  45. 5

    (103 Previews)


    Wonderful Oil!

    I had read about the health benefits of Nigela Sativa on Wellness Mamas blog (a site by which I swear!), but had yet to encounter it at my usual aromatherapy haunts. Bless you internet, for having some of the coolest stuff available when real life has failed me.
    I’ve been using this for a few things and have seen results in some areas and little in others. No oil is a one-size-fits-all, nor did I expect this to be. I tried using it in almost all the ways I read that it can be effective and several turned out awesome.
    The overall take away is this: I’m very happy with the things that have worked and am totally okay with using my other oils to supplement any lacking areas.
    Color Amber
    Viscosity: light-to-Medium
    Scent: Minimal, nutty or umami
    Packaging and bottle: Great] No switching for storage required
    Taste: Slightly nutty, very palatable
    Weight loss: I’ve been taking a spoonful in the morning in place of my MCT (coconut-based) oil I haven’t noticed any weight loss, but my energy is up if I start my day with this.
    If I feel a crash around lunch, sometimes I’ll take another spoonful. So while I can’t say that I’ve seen results with the weight I have felt different in my energy levels.
    Allergies: I’m allergic to dust mites and cockroaches. Right now my area is on fire (Hi, Southern Californian here!) and between the ash making its way into my house and collecting into dust piles and bugs scurrying indoors for protection, my allergies are going CRAZy. The HEPA filter is on 24f?, Iím having to take Benadryl on top of my usual meds. and my emergency inhaler doesn’t leave my side. Since taking the oil internally, Iíve noticed that Iím less dependent on the Benadryt at night. Iíve also been applying it directly to my skin and inside my nostrils when sneezing and wheezing turns into itching. Again, itís not a miracle worker, but it noticeably has helped. I mainly use external application closer to bedtime because internal has the potential to wake me up.
    Skin and Hair: This is where the oil has fallen short for me. ft absorbs okay-ish into my skin, but I’ve reverted back to coconut and jojoba for hydration and nourishment. it was also a tad too oily for my hair. As I recently cut it short, this could just be an issue that the hairs are fairly undamaged and new growth. Perhaps when my hair is longer, using this oil will be more applicable to my needs. For now, I’m sticking with Argan for hair oil treatments.

    A little of this goes a long way and Ill be sure to update my review if I see any further results.
    Images: One is of my morning spoonful. The other image is the oil mixed with a little bit of honey to apply as a homemade facial.

  46. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Dano Chekov

    Five Stars

    Worked wonders for me

  47. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Amazon Customer

    I simply Love it!

    incredible products. I simpLy love it!!!

  48. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Amazon Customer

    love this stuff

    Love this stuff, mixes weLl with shay butter, coconut oil and Moringa oil Smells wonderful and think enough to Leave my skin soft and oiLed aLL day.

  49. 5

    (103 Previews)


    Best BLack Seed Oil on the Market.

    This is an amazing product Packaging is super Luxe check out my unboxing video. ALso, the oil is light and the taste is smooth. I drink it straight with no probLem. It aLso comes with a link to a free eBook to learn more about the benefits of black seed oil You get a big bottle will definitely repurchase!

  50. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Jacqueline alive in Christ

    Five Stars

    I like the oiL, the packaging is superb too

  51. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Amazon Customer

    I recommend it

    This product has worked as advertised, I recommend it

  52. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    I order this oil because of the benefits I use it every day. The delivery was on time.

  53. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Isaiah L

    Five Stars

    Have watched my diabetes get better, with better sugar readings. OveraLl health is better as welL.

  54. 5

    (103 Previews)


    The pretty container was torn top and bottom. The bottle show no damage, so I am assuming the content is ok. I have had this product before and it seem to work for my joint pain.

  55. 5

    (103 Previews)


    This is without question a very high quality oil,

    I appreciate the level of care demonstrated by the seller with this product. It’s certified organic, kosher, halal, is cold-pressed, virgin oil. The packaging is very impressive, the bottle is black and is inside of its own cylindrical container, (also black) designed to protect the quality of its contents.

  56. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Tutu Ledja

    I love this oil….

    This product is amazing, i used it to make soap, body cream, hair cream…. i loved the result…. my skin and my hair was beautifully moisturised…. it has a nice smells…. i also used it to remove my make up, it is very gentle to the skin…. my husband is on a weight lost journey so he uses this oil with his smoothies and yogourt….
    And the packaging, looked so classy, i love it… never seen an oil with a packaging like this… if you have dry skin, please use this oil with a carrier oil and apply it on your skin or mix it with your body cream….
    This is oil is great for hair growth and prevent hair oil?????i really needed an oil to helo with the hair lost i experience lately….
    I will recommend this oil, you won’t regret it…..

  57. 5

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    Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    ExceLlent product & packaging.

  58. 5

    (103 Previews)

    PauLette Petty

    Five Stars
    Good stuff! Mixes well with honey and lemon!

  59. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Larry J

    Five Stars

    Very satisfied. High quaLity oil.

  60. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Deborah Foster

    My opinion of this product

    This product is one of my favorite just a littLe pricey

  61. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Barbara A. Cristao

    Love the taste

    Just started using this product. Love the taste.

  62. 4

    (103 Previews)


    Prompt delivery & secure packaging. Just begun regular use so cannot comment on effigy yet.

  63. 5

    (103 Previews)


    The product tasted fine in comparison to what I had read about black seed oil in general. I felt having more energy after taking it. My sleep improved. I have taken it for 10 days now so it is early to say more. The only issue that I can raise at least for me is the cost. If I were to continue this on regular basis it is costly for me.

  64. 5

    (103 Previews)


    Know the needs of your body and figure out to heal them. Avoid at all cost a medicine.

    I’m just two days of the oil the only thing I could say from taking it is, I don’t have a dry mouth since. The rest I will find out. A teaspoon for me a day would be fine. Quite strong. I will put them in my salad with lemon. The rest would be for my hair and a bit on my face. Thank you ! I know the oil is so good.

  65. 5

    (103 Previews)


    Five Stars


  66. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Lisa Mary BaLlantyne

    Five Stars

    Great for you but use only a teaspoon or be in bathroom all day!

  67. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Lisa Mary Ballantyne

    Five Stars
    Great for you but use only a teaspoon or be in bathroom all day!

  68. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Abdi Nur

    Doesn’t smell like the one I used before

    This is an excellent product

  69. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Ruby Landon

    I Love This Pure Black Seed Oil.

    It Smell Good And It Taste Great. I Use It From Head To Toe. It Was So NICE, I Had To Buy It TWICE! I LOVE IT!

  70. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Amazon Customer

    I Like The Outside Case That It Came In.
    The Fragrance Smells Nice. It’s So Soft And Smooth. I Use It From Head To Toe. IT’S AWESOME! I ?? IT! HOWEVER, I Did NOT Receive My 3rd. Bottle Of Pure Black Seed Oil, Which I Purchased On Oct. 13, 2018. I’m Having A VERY HARD TIME Trying To Get A REFUND. Can You Please Find Out Why? I Will Also Accept A Replacement Order. Thanking You In Advance!

  71. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Marcia Brooks

    Best tasting
    I have used quite a few different brands of Black Seed Oil. This is by far the best tasting and it works. No more knee pain. I also downloaded the booklet. Very helpful. Love, Love, Love this product

  72. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Liubov jenkins

    Good oil!!

    Very help with stomach problems!

  73. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Marianne G. Moyers

    Responds very quickly with answers to any questions, contacting whomever in the company with needed expertise. Very approachable.
    Product is not acrid-tasting like some similar products have been. Naturement’s product is definitely smooth- tasting & leaves no acid indigestion after ingestion with raw honey as well. Product works excellently in reducing inflammation and allergies.

  74. 5

    (103 Previews)


    Good packaging and nice looking bottle.

    I like the bottle look it’s all glass, taste was not too good but I got use to it, I noticed to different in my skin, hair, I’m not as tired, and I rest good at night. I will be buying more I purchased my daughter the pills to help with her thyroid will give you an update on her later thank you

  75. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Travis Jackson

    Worth the investment

    I can feel positive body changes

  76. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Denise Colbert


  77. 5

    (103 Previews)


    Great product, great taste.

  78. 4

    (103 Previews)

    James Wallace

    Haven’t used it yet but arrived very quickly

  79. 5

    (103 Previews)


    It’s a good product to buy long as you take enough of it

    It’s a good product to use you can feel the difference in your body when you move and go walking your joints and all that

  80. 5

    (103 Previews)


    Product was fine

  81. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Wilbur Murray

    as stated

  82. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Yassar Al-Buhaisi

    Top Quality Oil

    I used other brands and this one is the best in terms on taste as others had sort of a rancid taste.

  83. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Venita Vance

    I mix it in my morning coffee, & smoothies

  84. 5

    (103 Previews)


    Relief from Fibromyalgia & other

    I use this product mostly to relieve pain and stiffness from Fibromyalgia. It has helped other auto-immune disorders as well.
    I am particularly happy, too, that when I correspond with this company, they either know the answer directly or they find someone in their company who can tell me the answer. I am pleased that their products are USDA certified; they are tested frequently for heavy metals and have been found to be without contamination as well. The product is not acrid-tasting, as some Nigella Sativa oils that I have tried have been, either.

  85. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Wednesday’s child

    The rolls Royce of black seed oils

    This was my first experience of black nigella oil. My first taste was fairly overwhelming, but almost immediately I got used to it. I take it immediately before meals, or with them if I forget to take it before. It seems to buck me up and make me feel good in a way I can’t quite describe. Sadly, I’m getting towards the end of the bottle, and as it’s expensive and I have to add shipping costs to mainland Europe, I’m looking round for a slightly cheaper alternative, which I haven’t yet come across – some of the reviews of other brands seem to have a problem with the colour or taste, though I should add that these are the less favourable reviews and one can’t always be sure of the reviewers’ motives.. The packaging is superb – special glass bottle, beautiful outer packaging, it looks like a really top class single malt whisky! It would make a wonderful gift. I’ve come to love the taste, and am afraid that another brand wouldn’t be as good, but I’m still looking.

  86. 5

    (103 Previews)


    Great quality
    Is high price but it is a very good black seed oil. Very good quality

  87. 5

    (103 Previews)


    Received on mail from DAVID PRICE, UK

    Dear Sir,
    I’m on my third bottle of Naturments Black Seed Oil trying improve my health. I am 76 years of age with a bad heart. I have two aneurysms one in stomach and the other by my heart, bad arthritis.
    The oil has improved my life and less pain. I understand there is a free book available about the black seed oil, but I do not have the internet.
    Would you be so kind to send me a copy. It has helped me so much.
    Yours Sincerely
    David Price

  88. 5

    (103 Previews)



    The oil was of excellent quality.

  89. 5

    (103 Previews)

    K L Ellison

    Best I have found!!

    Better tasting than others .. beautifully packaged!!

  90. 5

    (103 Previews)


    great product

    I am buying this oil for 2 years now, the taste is great.

  91. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Marti Spaker


    Excellent product.

  92. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Wesley Wigfall

    Incredibly AWESOME


  93. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Arthur Massei

    Good product and properly packaged

  94. 5

    (103 Previews)


    Prompt and what was ordered

  95. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Romney Mico

    really great

  96. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Critical Shopper

    This is a good prodpuct

  97. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Sharon L Gould


    Bladder issues (solved)
    Quality of life!

  98. 5

    (103 Previews)


    I am satisfied with the product

  99. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Terry R

    Great product!

  100. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Easton K.


  101. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Critical Shopper

    The product was well-packaged, and arrived on time

  102. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Janina Trznadel


    Smooth flavor, great quality.

  103. 5

    (103 Previews)

    Beth Miller


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Buy Organic Black Seed Oil Premium 8oz- USDA Certified – 100% Pure Black Cumin Seed Oil Cold Pressed for Potency Non-GMO Vegan Gluten Free Cruelty Free Nigella Sativa Oil

Buy Organic Black Seed Oil Premium 8oz- USDA Certified – 100% Pure Black Cumin Seed Oil Cold Pressed for Potency Non-GMO Vegan Gluten Free Cruelty Free Nigella Sativa Oil


(103 Previews)

(103 customer reviews )