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    Liquid Vitamin B-12   Supplement

    • SIP YOUR WAY TO VITALITY: Empower the life force in you with this essential nutrient, Vitamin B12, that partakes in every function in the body from maintaining metabolism and Energy to Nerve support. Just 1ml (30 drops) of our Organic Vitamin B12 Liquid Drops  will replenish your daily requirement of Methylcobalamin, which is a potent Energy Booster and supports Nerve Health and Cognitive Function.
    • ENERGY SUPPLEMENT: Being a crucial nutrient essential for the carbohydrate metabolism,Vitamin B12 is an effective Energy Supplement to Support Energy, Metabolism, and Heart Health, and helps to Increase Energy, Enhance Mood and Boost Metabolism. Our Sublingual Vitamin B12 Liquid Drops are Designed to Maximize Absorption so that you can enjoy an active life with optimal Energy levels. Vitamin B12 or Methylcobalamin can also Boost Energy and Mood, Improve Memory, Aid Immune System and Prevent Anemia.
    • NERVE SUPPORT: Vitamin B12 Liquid Drops has neuroprotective properties and helps to reduce risk of neuro-degeneration. Vitamin B12 supplements can also Boost Memory and Lift Brain Fog.
    • SAY HELLO TO A BRIGHTER LIFE:  Vitamin B12 Liquid Drops aids metabolism, improves energy levels and enhances mood through the optimization of carbohydrate metabolism. Adequate Methylcobalamin is also needed to maintain a healthy vision, healthy heart, optimal cognitive function and provide Mood, Energy and Blood Cell Production Support. Adding our 5000 mcg Extra Strength Vitamin B12 Liquid Methylcobalamin sublingual Supplement will reactivate your body and mind like never.
    • EASY-TO-TAKE FORMULA: For quick and easy results, add 30 drops of our Organic Vitamin B12 Liquid Drops Supplement to your water or beverage of choice and mix – keeping it sublingually for 10 seconds before swallowing increases the efficacy . Our Vitamin B12 Liquid Drops is carefully formulated with 5000 mcg Methylcobalamin B12 per serving with Organic Mixed Berry flavour which makes it a delicious Vitamin B12 Supplement.
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