What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “Black Seed Oil?”
Something like this?


Well, you are on the right track.

But if you walk further down the lane, the black seed oil is attached with numerous things, including its therapeutic benefits, diabetes treatments, and more.

Also, do you see those black seeds in the picture above?

They are “Nigella Sativa,” the shrub that produces flowers containing tiny black seeds.

For ages, these black seeds are being used as an effective health remedy.

Even archaeologists have documented the presence of black seeds in King Tut’s tomb, which again proves the health and wellness benefits of black seeds.

You can’t even begin to imagine the wonders this seemingly simple looking oil can do.

That’s why in this article, we will discuss the significant benefits of the black seed oil and other things that you need to know about it.

Let’s dive right in!


1. Reduces Inflammation & Cholesterol Levels

The black seed oil contains antioxidant properties that help in reducing inflammation. Aside, it has several other health benefits:

On top of that, the consumption of black seed oil helps in reducing cholesterol levels.

It is enriched with healthy fatty acids, including linoleic acids, and oleic acid that helps in keeping cholesterol at normal levels.

Black seeds’ anti-inflammatory effect helps in neutralizing asthma symptoms and reduces inflammation in the windpipe to ease the process of breathing.

2. Stomach Pain & Cramps

Stomach pain and cramps are a common phenomenon with females.

Seriously, how many ladies have spent years trying to find a magical formula that will help them alleviate their stomach cramps?

Although black seed oil is no magical formula, it is pretty darn close.

Eating black seeds or taking it as an oil help in reducing gas, stomach bloating, and the incidence of ulcers, among other things.

As a result, it is tremendously helpful in decreasing stomach pain and cramps.

If you want to alleviate menstrual pain, then the application of a gel containing black seed oil on breasts during menstrual cycle will help tremendously.

3. Diabetes

The black seed oil has shown some positive results when it comes to curing type 2 diabetes.

And there are legitimate studies that show how impactful black seed can be for diabetic patients.

Researchers have found the consumption of black seed helps in improving blood sugar levels.

Have a look at some of the resources, backed by credible research, that talk about the positive impact of black seed oil on diabetes:

Other Prominent Benefits

The black seed oil also aids in several other health conditions, including:

  • Leukemia
  • Dry nose
  • Indigestion
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome

And so on and so forth!

Black Seed Oil: Side Effects

It is apparent just how beneficial black seed oil can be.

Having said that, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with the black seed oil – it has its fair share of side effects as well.

Here are some of the worth noting side effects of black seed oil which you should know:

  • Excess consumption of black seed oil might reduce the process of blood clotting, which could increase the risk of bleeding.
  • Few people might experience a drop in their sugar levels due to the consumption of black seed oil. People who have diabetes should especially monitor the consumption of black seeds carefully.
  • Black seed might bring down the blood pressure levels further for people already suffering from low blood pressure.

But you don’t need to worry much if you are taking the right dosage of black seeds.

Right Dosage of Black Seed Oil

Here is the right dosage of black seed oil you need to take for the major ailments:

1. For Asthma:

Take some salt and one spoon of pure ghee, and mix it in half spoon Black Seed Oil. Now, take the mixture and apply it on your chest and throat. Other than this, make sure to drink a blend of half teaspoon Black Seed Oil with two spoons of honey.

2. For Diabetes:

Take half a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil twice a day for a year with hot water twice a day. You can also try out one other remedy. Take a cup of Black Seeds, 1 cup of Watercress seeds, and half a cup of pomegranate peel. Blend the mixture properly and turn it into a powder. Now, take half a teaspoon of this mixture and take it with a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil before breakfast. Continue this for a month and you will start to see positive results.

3. For high blood pressure:

Apply Black Seed Oil all over your body and after that expose to sunray at least twice a week. Also, take 100-200 mg or 2.5 mL of Black Seed Oil twice a day for 8 weeks.

4. For improving sperm function:

Take 2.5 mL of Black Seed Oil for 2 months twice a day.

5. For menstrual cramps

Use a gel having 30 percent content as Black Seed Oil to apply on breasts. It will help in reducing menstrual pain.


Owing to its many benefits, the black seed oil is one of the best things that has happened to humankind (after peanut butter jelly, of course).

Aside from the numerous benefits mentioned above, Black seeds can also help in increasing the effectiveness of the ongoing medication, which body processes by cytochrome P450 pathway.

Enzymes lying in the pathway ensure almost 90 percent metabolization of normal medication.

There’s one critical caveat, however.

If you are on meds on a regular basis, then it is advisable to discuss it with your doctor before taking black seeds oil.

Also, never stop the regular medication and replace it with black seeds without consulting with your doctor first.

Moreover, while Black seeds are beneficial for the liver, but excess consumption could cause damage to both the liver and kidneys.

Again, if you are suffering from any kind of issue related to these organs, then talk to your doctor before consuming black seed oil.

Last but not least, make sure to do a patch test before using the black seed oil as it might cause an allergic reaction on your skin.

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