We’ve all been victim to colds, fever, bacterial infections and other illnesses. They arrive without notice and leave us feeling weak and inactive, putting our body in an uncomfortable state of lethargy. What if there was a natural way to build up and strengthen our immune system? What if we could naturally make our immune system strong? That would be no less than a miracle right! This miracle is in fact present before us, only we haven’t heard or talked about it all that much.


Nigella sativa or the Black Seed herb is a flowering herb, also known to us as Kalonji or Black Cumin. The oil of this herb has been known to have traditional healing effects, and is often used as a natural digestive aid. Black cumin seed oil is extremely beneficial to your immune system because it increases the production of white blood cells in your body. White blood cells or WBCs act as our body’s defense agents against cold, flu, bronchitis and other infections. That’s how this oil becomes so important, as it leads to an increase in our body’s fighter cells that help us recover from sickness! Isn’t that amazing!


This magic oil is a storehouse of goodness. It is a significant source of fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates and other vitamins and minerals. From detoxifying and rejuvenating our body to boosting our natural immune system, thus easing cough and colds, the uses of this oil are varied and multi-fold.


At Naturments, our promise is to bring you the finest products that help you meet your health goals, naturally. Our Black Seed Oil is a product that should, and must be on your kitchen shelf! Add it to foods, beverages or a simple smoothie. You’re that much closer to boosting your immunity! 


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