Many people struggle to shed extra weight they have accumulated over the years.

Unfortunately, even after trying out several methods, nothing seems to work.

Ugh, the dilemma!


This is where black seed oil comes into the game.

Faster weight loss sounds extremely attractive but if done via drastic ways, it can cause harm to the body.

On the other hand, weight loss using natural ingredients is immensely popular these days like having a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in the morning or having green tea, etc.

Recently pharmacognosy researchers have found the benefits of black seed oil to reduce weight.

Let’s look at the virtues of black seed oil so that you can include it in your daily fitness routine. 

1. Faster Weight Loss Without Side Effect

Research published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine has suggested that black seed oil is the better and faster way of reducing weight along with normal exercise than that of without any supplement. There are many more articles and journals that have stated similar information.

Remember there is no major shortcut for weight reduction but if you follow a mild exercise routine and keep your diet proper along with black seed oil, it can do wonders in terms of visible weight loss without causing harm to the body.

2. Reduction of Waist Circumference

Studies have claimed that waist circumference is a more severe indicator of obesity and it can cause more health problems like Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc. BMI (Body Mass Index) is one of the measures of obesity.

Nowadays waist circumference measurement has been made mandatory by the clinical dieticians. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2018 suggested that black seed oil may reduce waist circumference effectively. The protruding belly should be reduced not only because of aesthetic reasons but also because of the detriment it can cause. 

3. Diabetes Management Along With Weight Management

Type 2 diabetes is the new world pandemic. Diabetes is a chronic disease irreversible in nature. Diabetes happens if the beta cells of the pancreas stop working or work in an abnormal way producing no or inadequate insulin respectively.

Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism has stated the benefits of Nigella Sativa which is the scientific name of black seed oil to manage diabetes by partially improving beta-cell conditions. Diabetic people are very prone to weight gain and they need to check their weight cautiously.

Black seed-soil can make a diabetic person manage diabetes along with weight reduction. There is no medicine available for diabetes-induced weight gain, without side effects. The natural way by consuming black seed oil is debatably the best way to manage diabetes along with medicines. 

4. Other Medicinal Benefits

Black seed oil is a potent ingredient having several medicinal benefits like:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of oleic acid and linoleic acid. It is a natural NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), can reduce all sort of mild inflammation and redness
  • Asthma can be managed due to anti-inflammatory properties
  • Black seed oil can help you check your cholesterol level
  • Helps you reduce stomach pain
  • Reduce hypertension
  • Can be beneficial for indigestion

 How to Use Black Seed Oil to Reduce Weight?


Black seed oil will show the best effect if treated as a medicine.

If you want to use black seed oil to reduce weight, then take at most 500 gm of doses at once (as per the FDA recommendation) twice every day. It won\’t have any side effects and will show you the best results.

You can measure 500 mg or consume it as half a teaspoon twice along with a half cup of normal temperature water. Till 2 gm of black seed oil ingestion per day is safe but it is advisable to not consume more than a gram every day as you will be able to build the tolerance slowly and steadily.

Doses for Reduction of Diabetes-Induced Weight Gain

Mix half a cup of the black seed, pomegranate peel half cup and one cup of watercress seeds and blend it to transform it into the powder form.

Take half a spoon of the powder and consume it with water every morning before breakfast to lose diabetes-induced weight.

Otherwise, one teaspoon of black seed oil mixed with warm water can treat diabetes if taken every day. The effect takes a little time to take place but it will be visible after a while. 

  • Cocktail of Lemon, Honey, and Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil, when mixed with the time-tested combination of lemon and honey, can show great results for someone looking at weight loss.

The process is simple; just add some lemon to a glass of lukewarm water, and have it. Take some black seed, either with warm water or mixed with a dash of honey.

Continue the process, and your persistence will be rewarded with palpable weight loss in a matter of time.

  • Take a Dash of Black Seed Oil With Food

Adding just a dash of black seed or black seed oil to your meals especially helps people who do not like to consume black seed oil in a standalone manner. Just a spoonful of it admixed with your meals, and the weight loss will be there for everyone to see.

  • Healthy Lifestyle and Determination


You can, without any doubt, witness impressive results if you use black seed oil to reduce weight.

That said, black seed oil won\’t perform magic overnight.

If you are willing to lose weight, it is up to you how fast you want to achieve your goal. You must remember that it is not a fast-acting agent, rather it is a slow-acting elixir.

Modern lifestyle causes stress and impairment of the natural healing process. Hence, detoxification has become time-consuming. You must have the patience and determination to reach your aspired health status. If you persist with it and show perseverance, you will see the results for yourself.


The benefits of black seed oil have been known to mankind for centuries.

In his seminal work, ‘The Book of Healing,’ Ibn Sina had described the benefits of black seed oil many centuries ago.

It is only recently that the benefits of black seed oil are being recognized by the mainstream, and it is sure to be more widely adopted in the near future. 

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